This campaign strongly illustrates that TARTA is an important and valuable entity. For people who do not ride TARTA, or do not have an opinion one way or another, this campaign will engage them and give them pause to think about those who do use TARTA’s services. Including their own parents, or perhaps their own elderly aunts and uncles, college kids, and families who simply want to share good old fashion values at a baseball game. The campaign crosses all income levels, it encourages support and trial of TARTA, it promotes the new and improved website, and very cleverly conveys the thought
that TARTA is good for everyone.

And that means business owners, large and small, who rely on TARTA for bringing in customers; elderly persons who rely on TARTA for getting to their doctor’s appointments and pharmacies; disabled persons who lack the ability to drive, college kids who can’t afford their own transportation; individuals who want to save on gas and wear and tear on the cars; and families who want to spend the day exploring Toledo without having to worry about parking.

In other words, that seat on the bus is so much more than a seat on the bus.